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Types Of Illnesses/Diagnoses That Can Be Treated With Interventional Pain Management

Estimates show that over 50 million adults in the United States are dealing with chronic pain. If you find yourself part of this statistic, even though you seem to have exhausted an endless amount of treatment methods with little relief, it may be time to consider Interventional Pain Management.

What Is Interventional Pain Management?

Interventional pain management is a specific type of pain management. Although similar, interventional pain management techniques are different from those of general pain management. The former aims to determine and treat the source of the pain, and the latter works only to treat the symptoms. 

The ultimate goal of interventional pain management is to reduce or control pain through minimally invasive techniques to improve a patient’s quality of life without dependence on medication. 

What Conditions Can Interventional Pain Management Treat?

Interventional pain management approaches can be used to treat several both acute and chronic pain-causing conditions, including but not limited to:

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