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StrengthCare Physical Therapy

At TruWell Health, physical therapy is part of our integrative treatment program. That’s why we have an on-site physical therapy department. Here’s some more about this program.


We call our physical therapy program StrengthCare. It consists of a suite of five resistance movements that deliver a highly effective overload to the essential muscles for posture, function, and injury prevention. These aren’t short-term periods of physical therapy, as our patients are usually suffering from chronic pain. We’ve found that our patients, if they commit to long-term engagement, can dramatically improve their ability to work, play, socialize, and get through their day-to-day activities with a much lower risk of injury, while at the same time reducing the pain and functional loss from weakness, arthritis, and joint stiffness.

StrengthCare patients

We find that most of our TruWell Health patients require at least some degree of our StrengthCare program. These are typical patients needing StrengthCare. Those with…

 Our StrengthCare Physical Therapy Program

This program consists of four strength movements consist of lowering a maximal weight eccentrically and raising a lighter weight concentrically for approximately 10 repetitions. These are done under the supervision of our PT staff. When a patient can perform the 10 reps successfully, the resistance is raised.

Here are the four movements:

One additional supervised exercise is then performed isometrically. This means we assist you in raising a weight to the desired position, but then you attempt to hold the weight in that position for 30 seconds. This is known as the Lumbar Extension Hold.

Beyond the five exercises described above, our patients can also use our facilities for independent warm-up exercises and for strengthening the upper body.

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